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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glamour Girl Party...

This lovely lady was the inspiration for my daughters recent 14th birthday party. She thinks it looks just like her. Blessedly, she is mistaken. Perhaps in 10 years Sweetheart.
Nonetheless, Glamour was the name of the game, and a glamorous cake was in order.
An Ombre effect was requested and whilst it ended up being more Gelati Rainbow, it was declared a success.
Colour palette chosen...
...buttercream whipped till fluffy...
...and rotating turntable employed to deliver the finished cake, with topper of a Pin Up Girl in a vintage teacup....
Add some plastic champagne flutes with rose coloured jelly beans, a vintage inspired cupcake and a pretty decoration hinting at a pinup girls swimsuit, and party favours were taken care of.
Finally, some special awards for the birthday girls special friends, designed and executed by the girl herself....complete with blush pink glittered clothes pegs....she's so sweet...
...I guess my baby isn't a baby any more...
Much love...


  1. Really adorable cake Mimi. Bless your daughter for doing the special awards herself. Just lovely xo

    1. Thankyou Kaye :)
      She is a special girl with a tender heart, and wanted to honour her friends even though it was HER birthday. What more could a Mum ask in a daughter?...x

  2. Thanks for sharing this..Anyone who already has participated in a hens party knows that there are many ways to amuse the girls party.

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